Come help us start a Lamb’s House of Prayer & Worship


Director: Dr. Sandy Kirk


Admin: Mary Wells

House Mom: Linda Lamont

Purpose: To worship the Lamb on earth as He is worshiped in heaven

Our Mission: To spread the Glory of the Lamb through the nations

When: TBA

Who: Skilled instrumentalists and singers

Where: Camp America Ablaze

  • Live with a small community of worshipers on the beautiful Gulf Coast and minister to the Lord nightly.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe with revelation on your passion for Jesus Christ.
  • Attend a series of classes on the glory of Christ’s sacrifice.
  • Pour out your heart in worship adoring the Lamb & writing songs which honor Him.

I believe songs about the Lamb wait to be untapped from heaven. We are starting the Lamb’s House to provide a platform for worshiping young adults to discover these songs and bring them down to earth.” – Dr. Sandy

Camp Ablaze

What to Expect:

  • Worship: You will join a small band and worship Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, at least six hours a week, plus other ministry times.  As soon as possible, the meetings in the chapel will be live streamed.
  • Rent:  Rent will be $150 a month for those living on campus and serving at least six hours a week in worship at the camp (Rent is normally $300 plus $50 for electricity, water, upkeep, etc. = $350 a month.  But you will have the rare opportunity to work off $200 through worship).
  • You will also help lead worship during Friday or Sunday Night Fires and “Revivalists of the Cross Internships,” which are held three times a year.
  • Daytime: Your days will be free to pray, worship, study, or go to work or attend school.  Only your evenings will be involved in required worship.
  • Accommodations: You will live on the campgrounds, with a small private room or a shared larger room. You will have full access to the swimming pool, tennis and basketball and volleyball courts, chapel and prayer garden.
  • Lifestyle: We will ask you to sign a contract which promises that you will not participate in drinking, pornography, smoking, drugs, cursing, immodest dress, or anything Jesus wouldn’t do.  This will be a blessing to you as you experience the freedom of living in purity.
  • The Glory of the Lamb: We want you to catch our vision and passion for a revelation of the Lamb.  So we will ask you to read one of Dr. Sandy’s books and attend the series of classes on the “Glory of the Lamb” during one of the internships.
  • Internships: When you are available, we would like for you to help lead worship, inspire and fellowship with interns, and minister to our young interns when they come three times a year. Please be relational.  This will provide you with three free meals a day during internships!
  • Food: You will provide your own meals except for community night once a week in which some of you will help cook.  Of course, all who eat, will be expected to help cleanup.
    There will be two refrigerators in the camp house for you to keep a limited amount of food. You can also use the oven/stove and the microwave.
  • Washing facilities: Girls will sign up to use the washer/dryer in the house.  Boys have a washer/dryer available in the chapel.
  • Duration: You may live at the camp for six months at a time, with the option of staying longer if you are invited.

Application and character reference is required.  (Download Application for Lamb’s House here).

For more information, email or Mary at
You may also want to call our message line and we will call you back: 251-962-7172.

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