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“The Unquenchable Flame is a wonderful book – a big thank you for authoring it and sending it across to us. Thank you so much for your ministry into the Good News Church several years ago. The message of the cross and of the Lamb is deeply impacting, and I honour you for bringing heart revelation to us in this vital area.”

Pastor Paul and Rowena Entwistle

Good News Church, Macclesfield, England

“Meeting Doc Sandy in 2011 at Kenya Ablaze camp meeting was like having a date with destiny. The message of the cross got my heart so pierced that my ministry took a turn. It rekindled fire on the inside of me, left my heart burning for lost souls, and burned a desire to preach the gospel that the Lamb of God may get the reward of His suffering. Now I am back on the highways, bypaths, streets, markets, etc., preaching the gospel with a new zeal and fire! Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Doc for accepting to be used of God and bringing this message to Africa!”

Pastor Robert Kingstone

Pastor of Agape-Calvary Church in Mawego, Kenya, East Africa

“I have been in ministry for over forty years, but I never knew about the Father’s cup until I saw the fire in my grandson’s preaching from being at Dr. Sandy’s internship.  This compelled me to read all of her books, and I was surprised to discover there is so much I didn’t know about the cross of Jesus Christ!  I started preaching about the Father’s cup and the wrath Jesus endured, and for the first time in my entire ministry, people started screaming and running to the altar.  The next week my interpreter couldn’t even get through the message she was crying so hard. When I finished, she put her face in her hands and sobbed.”

Pastor Gordon Hoffer

Assemblies of God evangelist and pastor

“In all my years of ministry, I have never seen such anointing of the Spirit combined with such sound biblical theology. I’ve seen the anointing and I’ve heard good teaching, but I’ve never seen them combined like this!  …You keep going, Lass!”

Pastor Peter Cochrane

Former Superintendent of Scotland’s Assemblies of God

“I have known Dr. Sandy for several years. She came to England just as we were beginning our ministry.  We were immediately gripped by the message of the cross that she carries.  The Apostle Paul called it the message of “first importance,” and whenever we preach the cross, we move one step closer to revival in our hearts and lives. I love the passion that Dr. Sandy carries, and it always inspires me to keep pressing in for more of God in my life, for more of His fire inside me, and for more of His love flowing out of me to a lost and hurting generation.”


Pastor Mark Baines

Senior Pastor, Faith Life Church, Cambridge England

“I will never forget what happened when the Holy Spirit came down in the upper room of Polyview Hotel (our first Kenya Ablaze for the Lamb School).  It is there that I got the revelation and went out to preach the Cross. I will never forget it!”

Pastor Zachaeus Ochieng

Peace Home, Kisumu, Kenya

“We would be honoured to be on your pastor’s list.  I remember the awesome time we had at the Ladies Conference when you preached on the Lamb of God.”


Pastor Peter and Pam Morris

Pastor of Wath Pentecostal Church, Rotherham, England

“Dr. Sandy has been an amazing instrument in our lives, and we would not be ministering like we are now if it were not for her.  We must preach Jesus and the Lamb of God, and she planted that seed in us and it has never died, but it has only gotten stronger and stronger.”



Pastor Cathy Kuntz

Greater Works Ministries, Washington State

“I’ve read The Glory of the Lamb, The Masterpiece, The Pain in an African Heart, Bethlehem’s Lamb, The Unquenchable Flame and lastly Theology Ablaze.  In these books I have realized they reveal the heart of God for humanity and the heart of God for His Son as the Lamb.  They open our eyes to see the plan of God with man before creation and after creation.”

Evangelist Tom Oomo

Kenya, Africa

“Our church has benefitted immensely from the ministry of America Ablaze and our young people who have travelled to the school of ministry in Alabama have had life-changing encounters with the presence of God. They have come back to us with a greater compassion and understanding of the cross and sufferings of Jesus.  When Dr. Sandy and her team ministered in our church, the hearts of many people were profoundly touched by the message of the cross.  We fully endorse the ministry of Dr. Sandy.  It is a message which is much needed in today’s environment.”


Pastor Melvyn Lawson

Livingston Pentecostal Church, West Lothian, Scotland

“We have known Dr. Sandy and Camp America Ablaze for several years and have been so blessed by the ministry and deep, penetrating message of the cross.  From beginning Christians being set ablaze, to life-long Christians, what Dr. Sandy and her staff are carrying fans the flame and ignites the life’s purpose question, what does the cross REALLY mean?  We encourage everyone to connect with this ministry as God is always wanting to take our revelation of the cross deeper.  You will never be the same!”


Pastors Chris and Nikki Mathis

Fresh Anointing Church, Crestview, Florida

“Revival fire really hit our church when we had Dr. Sandy and her team come out and minister this year.  We heard a powerful exposition of the suffering of the Father and the Son at the Cross.  It was totally life-changing, opening our hearts to the transforming power of the resurrection as a result. The fire of God fell on us all, and we saw people saved, healed, and set free.”

Pastors Dave and Maggie Samms

Living Wells Revival Center, Barnstaple, England

“I appreciate Dr. Sandy Kirk and especially the message that the Lord has put heavily on her heart. The message of the Lamb and the CUP He drank for us is essential to experiencing the pure love of God and to softening the heart. Her book, The Glory of the Lamb, is full of passion for Jesus, and it is gives an extremely necessary revelation.”


Pastor Greg Violi

Hutte David’s Church, Bielefield, Garmany

“Dr. Sandy Kirk is an amazing woman whose heart has been completely transformed by the sacrifice of Jesus. Her Teaching, Preaching and Writing are amazing. In fact they are dangerous and just may change you forever. She preaches the purest gospel you will ever hear. It’s just Jesus with no additives.”

Adam LiVecchi

Founder of We See Jesus Ministries

“Since hearing Dr Sandy’s teaching, this message has brought us right back to the centrality of Christ and Him crucified with a passion to see my life and the life of others lived out of the finished work Christ has accomplished. This has taken us on a whole journey of discovering afresh much neglected truths of the wonder of our salvation, which are so vital to the body of Christ today.”


Pastor Paul Stanbury

Jubilee Church, Devon, England

“Sandy is an outstanding person, a gifted writer, a careful and exhaustive researcher, with a charismatic loving personality.  She is a good mother and a good friend.  Her latest book Undone is a gripping story of God’s unfathomable love that makes you feel ‘you are there’ witnessing and experiencing the events.’ It is a life empowering personal experience of facing the reality of sin and the power of redemption through the cross as Jesus became the ‘lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.’  Wow! Praise God!”

Dr. Charles Whittle

Executive Evangelist for the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists and Dr. Sandy’s pastor in Abilene, Texas

“We were living in Washington State, working as a pastor for a prominent ministry, when someone handed me Dr. Sandy’s book, The Unquenchable Flame. I had been searching for years on how to stay passionate for God. My wife Cathy and I are web Pastors with Extreme Prophetic and were on staff with them for 6 years. We had many ministerial responsibilities and at times found it difficult to stay focused in our personal relationship with the Lord. Dr. Sandy’s book changed my life and gave me understanding on how to stay on fire for God, even with a very heavy schedule. Since we left her camp two years ago, we have been traveling the United States setting folks ablaze with God’s fire and handing out her book wherever we go. We know her personally and if you desire to really know the true meaning of the cross or to carry a revival fire that can never be put out, Dr. Sandy’s books, internship, (and school) are a must for you.”



Pastor Mark A. Kuntz

Founder of Greater Works Ministries

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