Undone by a Revelation of the Lamb: This book will give you a life-changing revelation of the Glory of the Cross.

Dr. Sandy paints a vivid picture of the Lamb of God from before the creation of the world to His life, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and glorification in eternity. This is her “Systematic Theology” Course made into warm fresh bread.

Each chapter springs to life with a message that will inspire you to honor the blood of the Lamb, return to the pure gospel of Christ, and bring our Lord and Savior the reward of His suffering.  You will view the awesome sacrifice of our Lord in a whole new light.  Set aside everything you think you know about the Cross and prepare your heart to be Undone by a Revelation of the Lamb.


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Pastor John Kilpatrick, Brownsville Revival: “Dr. Sandy has brought a fresh revelation as well as present-day honor to the shed blood of Jesus Christ. I believe UNDONE should be a textbook for all Bible students. I love her great passion for the cross of Christ. I believe Undone should be a textbook for all Bible students.”

Pastor David Samms, from Barnstaple, England: 'Undone is incredible. I have just read it, and I am overwhelmed at its depth and breadth!'

Pastor Gordon HofferAssemblies of God evangelist and pastor: “I have been in ministry for over forty years, but I never knew about the Father’s cup until I saw the fire in my grandson’s preaching from being at Dr. Sandy’s internship. This compelled me to read all of her books, and I was surprised to discover there is so much I didn’t know about the cross of Jesus Christ!

I started preaching about the Father’s cup and the wrath Jesus endured, and for the first time in my entire ministry, people started crying and running to the altar. The next week my interpreter couldn’t even get through the message she was crying so hard. When I finished, she put her face in her hands and sobbed.”


“My husband and I have always preached the cross but reading about the Father’s cup in Undone brought us to a whole new level. I preached the cross and the cup in Malaysia and the people wept for an hour over what Christ has done for us!” – Missionary Kathy Strandjorn

“The message in this book got my heart so pierced that my ministry took a turn. It rekindled a fire inside of me, left my heart burning for souls, and burned a desire to preach the gospel that the Lamb might receive the reward of his suffering. Now I am back on the highways and bypaths, streets, and the markets, preaching the gospel with a new zeal and fire! Thank you, Lord Jesus, and thank you, Doc, for bringing the message of your book to Africa!” – Pastor Robert Kingston, Kenya, East Africa

“This may be one of the most important books ever written. It is a must-read carrying a message that must be shared with every person near and far of every age. I am truly undone and am thankful the Lord has so eloquently spoken through Dr. Kirk in bringing this message to print through this book. May He bless you through it as deeply as He has blessed me! Encourage you to pick up copies for friends and family and share the loving message of the cross.” – Amy Holmes (Amazon Review)

“As I read this book, I just started weeping, and I realized something is on this book because I don’t usually cry over a book!” One year later: “When I preached in Canada, I told them about the Cross and the Father’s cup from the book, and people were just weeping on the floor over what Jesus did that they never knew before.” - Pastor Richard Gervais (Omaha, Nebraska Hub)

“My spiritual eyes and understanding have opened to the wonder of Jesus Christ and the price He paid for my so wonderful salvation. It took me through a journey of my Lord's crucifixion and death at Calvary. In all of my years of being a Christian I never truly understood the depths of His love until now. I was deeply moved from the beginning until the end of this marvelous writing. I highly recommend this book as a must-read for anyone who wants to know the meaning of honoring the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – James (Amazon Review)

“I read the book Undone, and it really cut me to the heart. I know I will always have a deep love wound that throbs in my soul. It compels me to bring the Lamb the reward of His suffering.” – Thomas White

“This is the most profound book I have ever read!” – Omaha Pastor

“This is a must-read for anyone seeking to grow closer to Jesus. Full of new insights. I bought one to read myself and have gone back and gotten several more to give to friends.” – Hallegrace (Amazon Review)

“I LOVE this book- it opens your eyes to the price that the Lamb of God truly paid for us, out of His eternal love. I recommend this to EVERYONE who wants the truth.” - (Amazon Review)

“The message of this book is setting Kenya ablaze!” – Pastor Newton Atela, Kenya, East Africa

“Sandy Kirk’s Undone is a gripping story of God’s unfathomable love that makes you feel you are there, witnessing and experiencing the events.” – Dr. Charles Whittle, United Methodist pastor and evangelist

“It took me five hours to get through the first 25 pages of Undone because I was crying so hard over what Jesus did on the cross!” – Pastor Cathy Kuntz

“Dr. Sandy inspires me by the way she proclaims the glory of the Lamb of God, and in Undone she has masterfully captured the fire of agape love that took Jesus to the cross for you and me. . . . I challenge you to read this book and not be Undone by the fiery, jealous, passionate, burning love of the one who deserves all the glory!” – Pastor Mark Baines, Senior Pastor of Faith Life Church, Cambridge, UK.